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305. Influence (VI)

I sent a few videos of UFOs I had collected from the Internet to a contact on the dissident right; his response was, in essence, “Ew.” Shortly afterwards, he questioned my mental health. Admittedly, my behaviour is erratic by conventional standards, and yet the real reason he disdained my UFO ephemera was that to even consider UFOs as real is low status and out-group. Although he considered himself to be dissident, he was still very much brainwashed by regime norms; no doubt I am as well—sometimes I doubt that I think for myself at all.

UFOs are generally associated with “red state” America: “UFOs!? Oh, you’re some slack-jawed yokel who had probes stuck up his a-nus. You’re from butt-fuck Kentucky, boy.” This is the general opinion. UFOs are soundly in the category of Jesus, hunting, military service, the American flag itself, evangelical Christianity, the suburbs and, as I understand it, even lawns—even abroad, we understand that these are low status.

So people who evince an interest or belief in UFOs are automatically out-group and dirty, and this was why my contact reacted negatively; residual thought control. Being out-group does not make something true; but it usually means that there is some aspect of it that annoys the regime; since the regime distorts reality and is, for want of a better word, Satanic. The regime’s disdain for UFOs does not automatically mean “it’s aliens”; it just means there is something about this phenomenon that is true; and the regime probably knows this truth and wants it kept from us. Recently, the regime has allowed a little more concrete information to be leaked, but the credible accounts—backed by video—by the naval aviator David Fravor have been mixed in with the liar Bob Lazar, so the information is tainted at source.

I have no idea what UFOs actually are. It has been suggested that it is all a story to distract from secret government research; yet Russia and China report few sightings—why would their governments fail to use an otherwise robust cover story to conceal their secrets? My instinct is that the simple and retarded explanation, aliens, is probably true; but here are all the possibilities I can think of:

1. Aliens;

2. Time travellers, possibly from a more advanced Earth;

3. Inter-dimensional travellers;

4. Angels, demons, and other creatures—perhaps the same as inter-dimensional travellers;

5. Manifestations of consciousness;

6. Ball lightning and similar phenomena, with collateral implications the regime wishes to conceal.

The regime is against wonder. Secular humanism and materialism do not allow for wonder in any dimension, nor do they allow for awe. It is quite possible that the answer is number (5); the UFOs are some quirk in the atmosphere that would inspire awe if seen up close—and this cannot be allowed, since it would impair the degradation the regime inflicts upon us. You might think this is far-fetched, but remember how closely the USSR monitored and controlled art and music—often in petty and nonsensical ways. Our regime is no different; perhaps UFOs are an object, a natural physical phenomenon, so beautiful that it would move you deeply to see it.

The frequent accusation as regards UFO encounters and abductions is “it’s a substitute religion”; and our regime does not like that at all, in the sense of there being a beyond—it despises anything that makes us think there is more to life than matter, even an expanded consciousness. The hippy-dippy Graham Hancock is wrong about many things, but he is right that there is a “war on consciousness”, mainly waged by the state. If actual aliens were shown to exist life would seem very much renewed; quite unallowable. However, I doubt those men like Jacques Vallée who say that UFOs are elves and fairies, and I do so because the people who put this view sound phoney—they write in a dishonest and non-real way. Nevertheless, UFOs are something and we should continue to wonder.


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