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Repressed: an old joke, "A conservative is somebody who believes that everything is genetic, except homosexuality. A liberal is somebody who believes that nothing is genetic, except homosexuality." This is true. Conservatives will reliably claim that homosexuality is caused by molestation, not genetic factors or (the most likely explanation) a viral infection that causes a hormonal imbalance in the womb.

Conservatives always advance a social explanation for homosexuality because it threatens their own identity as men too much. If it is innate in a man then it is somehow connected to manliness, but for conservatives it is inimical to how their identity is constructed as a man so it cannot be—it must be social. I had a friend at school who was gay, really camp, and when he told his father, who was an ex-air force pilot, he hit him with a lamp. It's horrific for a man to discover his son is gay—because his son is a mirror image of him, it implies he himself is tainted (gays disgust men). So I understand why the father did it. He had reaction formation—even though he probably always knew at a certain level (mothers "know" first and are more sensitive to it—and tend to forgive it more easily, it’s less freighted for them).

Hence for men homosexuality is seen as wilfulness—"he's acting up, he's doing it deliberately". The molestation argument doesn't really make sense—if it's caused by molestation you can't dislike gays for being “child molesters”, since the “molester” had no choice himself. Yet it's not rational—it's a way to distance yourself from it; if it's just a behaviour it can't ever be related to you, to your self-conceptualisation as a man, and so you're always safe from it—you’ll never do it. For liberals, it’s innate “born this way” because it inverts masculinity and the left is feminine—so to suggest that men are innately women conforms to their self-conceptualisation (that the mother has highest status).


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24 de mai. de 2023

Liberals say that homosexuality is inborn but I recall their ambivalence to that AI several years ago that purported to recognize gay face from photos. What they really want is for sexual orientation to be a part of the *soul*, not part of a person's biology and least of all not correlated with identifiable phenotypes.

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