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Planned: the first law against race hate—hate speech—in Britain, passed in the 1960s, saw a black man prosecuted for racial hatred against a white man as the first conviction under the law. At the time, black people were perhaps 1-2% of the population. This was no accident. The people who govern us are not stupid—to sell this new law, a law that would take speech away from Englishmen, the word went down (perhaps in a non-verbal, nod-nod form) that the first prosecution under this law would be a non-white person. Officers, keep a sharp look out!

The idea was to create an anchor. People knew the law was being passed to shut the English up about immigration ("We fought a war for free speech!" Ha, ha—yes, very good; if you believe that, you'll believe anything). Hence it was imperative to sell it with the opposite—no English martyr, but rather a scrupulously "fair" arrest of a black man for "hate speech" (and worse luck for him!). Then people would ruffle the Daily Mirror and chuckle to themselves, “Fair's fair—I suppose it is a law to protect everyone, not just to shut us up. See, they prosecuted this black fellow first!".

When you see Extinction Rebellion protests that block the roads, the police just stand there—even though it's illegal to block the roads. If a motorist goes to move the protesters, the police arrest him for assault. What does that tell you? The protests are sanctioned by the government—the police are told to stand back (they stand back for BLM too). The demonisation of white people is not some "emergent development" from Puritanism—it's been planned for decades, same with Extinction Rebellion. It’s all planned, conscious, and deliberate—although not by the WEF, which is as pointless as all industry conferences (or is just a chance to see and be seen, not run the world). It's because America is run by those who worship the unicorn—Satanists.


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