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301. Youthful folly (VII)

It is a common observation that leftists, particularly feminists, have “daddy issues”. They have a problem with authority; they find it hard—as most humans do to an extent, I suppose—to accept that there is someone or something greater than them. What is greater than one individual could be someone more intelligent, more beautiful, more good, or just more physically powerful—or, perhaps, awesome in the way the natural environment can make a person feel insignificant, so that the antipathy does not even have to be towards humans; although, given the way we are primed, it will mostly be directed against man. Obviously, since God, as generally understood, includes all these attributes, it follows that leftists would find that this idea makes them very uncomfortable. The rise of divorce probably adds to the problem, but leftism long predated widespread divorce; perhaps it is more the case that we have diminished the father for a very long time indeed, probably for centuries.

On the other hand, if leftists have “daddy issues” then rightists definitely have “mommy issues”. You see the opera singer and sister to noted conservative Ben Shapiro, Abby Shapiro, post any picture that adequately displays her ample bosom and… “Mommy gib milkies!” writes a little Pepe avatar under the post, possibly with his little froggy hands extended to clutch the undulating “Khazar milkers” that prove irresistible to those online Aryans who hope to humiliate the solidly Jewish “little Ben” Shapiro. This is not merely a racial issue. Similar demands for “the milkers” occur under many other female online celebrities on the right, including Elizabeth Bruenig. The ultimate goal is the “mommy gf”, essentially the ever-popular Madonna-whore archetype. They desire what they have extirpated in themselves.

The demands for “milkers” and a “mommy gf”, even if made in jest, reveal the basic rightist stance. The right-wing man is rational, competent, and responsible; he plans ahead for the bad seasons to come—he will be ruthless in defence of his family and tribe if required. This is how he sees himself; and many really are like that. They pose themselves against the inconsistent, irrational, and emotional whines—basically narcissistic—from the left. Yet, at root, the rightist who seeks a “mommy gf” has experienced the same ambivalence towards his mother as the leftist experiences against the father. Whereas the leftist knows little about responsibility, rules, and stability, the rightist misses the uncritical acceptance (love), nourishment (the milk, the breasts), and the warmth that comes from the mother.

Hence leftist activists hate daddy, and rightist activists hate mommy. Indeed, it is a trope that a libertarian man will have an East Asian girlfriend. This is partly explained by the fact that the libertarian brain is mathematical and precise; it enjoys extreme order and predictability, just as Asians do—the East Asians excel at mathematics. The libertarian claims to have an East Asian girlfriend because these women are not infected with feminism; there is some truth to that, though probably less than thirty years ago.

The unexcavated reason for the Asian girlfriend is that, just as the leftist hates daddy, the libertarian hates mommy—or feels ambivalent about the softer side to women, a side they half desire and half despise for weakness. They adore those black and soulless Asian eyes, fish-like and implacable. This is true in interracial relationships more generally; of those I have known, the partners always disdain one parent or the other. So the libertarian wants a wife who is more like their father than their mother; and the harsher, apparently more rational, Asian girlfriend satisfies this need. More darkly, the East Asian girlfriend is neotenous—girl-like—and the libertarian child sex tourist caught in Thailand is, indeed, another true trope.

Activists on left and right are particular examples, definitely not the most healthy, and it might be more reasonable to say we should appreciate both paternal sternness and maternal generosity; yet we are not a balanced species, especially those most interested in politics.


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