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300. The clinging (IV)

Yesterday, I might have given the impression that Marxism and child sex crimes are somewhat connected; perhaps so, but the right has its own connections to this crime. In particular, if you watch the news about neo-Nazis—especially neo-Nazi terror groups—you will find that their activists are often caught with child pornography. This seems counterintuitive; for if there is anything to be said for neo-Nazis, surely it must be that at least they want to “hang the fackin’ pedos”. It is not that simple.

Back when fascism was new it attracted many responsible and decent middle-class people; although these movements were always radical and violent, people did not quite know where it would all end up. After the war, it became obvious what fascism, Nazism in particular, implied: grotesque mass death. As a result, the type of person attracted to these movements shifted. Hitler purposively made it difficult to join his party; he tried to dissuade people from joining so that he ended up with a loyal cadre; and this was why the Nazis fought to the end—there was always a fanatical “nutcase” element to this movement.

What changed post-war was that the type of person attracted to this movement now tended to be psychopathological. It is true that humans are nasty; and yet the general population does not hear about partisans who had their eyes gouged out with forks and think: “Ah, yes. This is an inspirational movement I can really get behind.” Few, if any, Germans joined Hitler’s movement with the thought that they would implement Auschwitz; but most post-war neo-Nazis join with the thought that this was the entire point.

Thus the post-war neo-fascist movements are particularly attractive to people with sadistic psychopathological inclinations. The respectable middle-class element has gone; and this is why no movement based on Hitler worship will ever rise to power: these movements cannot attract people of sufficient quality. However, they can attract people with psychopathologies; people who are more likely to kill each other before they ever get remotely near power. Ironically, the type of people who become neo-Nazis today are the type of deviants Hitler would have hanged with piano wire.

People who have sadistic psychopathological traits will be attracted to the most cruel activities imaginable; so, naturally, child sex crime will interest them. Nazism is already taboo and taboo for its cruelty; so the type of person who would consider neo-Nazism will be crueller than most and enjoy breaking “ultimate” taboos. Further, terroristic neo-Nazi organisations can use chid pornography to ensnare naïve recruits by making them download it and so become open to blackmail if they get second thoughts about criminal activities or if they want to leave. There is an odd concordance between the paedophile and the neo-Nazi; both are furtive people who speak in code, lest their true predilections are detected by normal society; both want the hard—probably German—material sequestered in the back of the shop.

Leftist child sex criminals suffer from high tolerance levels for disgust; they are slackers and messy. They are irresponsible because they have these traits and child pornography, for example, does not disturb them because they are simply not very disgusted by dirt and deviance in general; it takes a lot to shock them—their lack of diligence attracts them to socialism. The rightist is attracted by the sadism involved in child sex crimes and by the chance to inflict pain on the most defenceless people—the unwarlike Jews or a child. In line with psychopathological thought, children and Jews are “asking for it” precisely because they are physically harmless. Normal people think, “He’s physically harmless; why would I hurt him?” The psychopathological sadist thinks, “He’s physically harmless; therefore, he deserves to be hurt.” Online you often see rightists who adore anime—the ultra cute, too cute, Japanese cartoons characterised by neoteny. This is because they look at weak and defenceless things—children, Jews, and women—and want to throttle the life out of them.


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