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(299) Diamat mandarin

Updated: May 20, 2023

Magic constitutes work—the great work—so this idea “you’re just going to do it by magic” as if magic is a click of your fingers (which it can be) just isn’t true. It’s another type of work, not work like science and technology or even digging a ditch but work nonetheless. Magic works best when applied to yourself—when you do a spell, for example, to make yourself read a particular book in a day. It’s excellent for that—when it comes to more ambitious projects, let’s say you want to move the Russian front or get a random girl on Twitter to poast panties, then it becomes that much more difficult (although I did help the Russians take Mariupol—and then I did a spell to make them take another town but I mentioned it in public and the magic became inoperative; I won’t help the Russians again—Putin got himself into this mess and it’s too much magical work to dig him out, I’ve bigger fish to fry).

You have to have boundaries in life—you can’t just go round trying to fix Mr. Putin’s problems for him, it’s positively co-dependent. Really, magic usually doesn’t work directly—it’s more the case that it will open up possibilities for you, whether or not you exploit those opportunities or let them slip through your fingers is up to you. It’s controlled serendipity or synchronicity—it channels the kosmic khaos to present certain possibilities, certain loose ends, to you. So you might do a spell for money but that doesn’t mean $20,000 straight in your account, it means you’ll get some offer that might lead to that amount—you may turn your nose up at that offer and that’s that as far as the magic goes.

You now see what we’re working with. A spell to remove procrastination usually has 100% efficacy—such as a spell that says “read The SAS Survival Handbook to completion tomorrow”. Yet more global spells become more tricky.


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well I'd certainly think so. seeing as your magic is likely to be running up against hundreds or even thousands of other people's magic at such times

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