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(290) Canard

The above image comes from a book by the chaos magician Peter J. Carroll—its supposition is that we are about to enter a new mystico-magical age, an age he hopes to be characterised by chaos magic. However, what’s of interest about the above diagram is that similar ideas were put forward by Oswald Spengler, in a purely secular way, as regards the West’s entry into a “second mysticism”—the theme was picked up by Francis Yockey in his political elaboration of Spengler’s ideas, specifically the view that the “age of materialism” was about to transcended by a new spirituality. Aleister Crowley also announced that we had entered a new religious era—“the era of Horus”; while for CG Jung the new age was Aquarian.

I present these as a selection—all the people have varied positions, positions that range from supporters of Hitler (Yockey) to supporters of chaos (Carroll); and yet all are agreed that the mindset that has dominated the West for the past 300 years or so, the materialistic mindset, has come to an end and is about to be overtaken by a new mysticism (or a new religiosity). The fact that we live in the age of the UFO—or, rather, that events in the night sky that have been called many things over the centuries have increase post-1945—also seems suggestive, it seems to indicate that a new age is upon us; and this age will be magical and religious; it will leave the likes of Dawkins, now almost dead, far behind (their worldview will seem as naïve as St. Augustine’s worldview seems to the modern).

I have hypothesised that we are near the end of the kali-yuga, and noted that Newton expected the Second Coming no later than 2050. To me it’s all very suggestive, so many different sources seem determined that a new age, a new non-materialistic age, is almost upon us. It seems very unlikely now, for techno-science is almost total (but grown very tired).


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