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(29) Xanthos

The Americans tried to kill Alexander Dugin in Moscow, but they missed him and killed his daughter instead—and now ugly Finnish men on Twitter gloat over an image that depicts Dugin, his hands held to his temples in shock, at the scene where his daughter died. They say Dugin is “Putin’s brain”, but I doubt this is so: Dugin doesn’t look like the type of man Putin consults, besides if you look at Dugin’s work you will see that he may be Putin’s conscience but he isn’t his brain—Dugin is more about the feel of a thing.

The West makes a big noise about Dugin because he looks sinister—he looks like some holy man, some Rasputin. The accent is on holy man, for in the Western mass media the holy man is always depicted as a sinister figure. Really, Dugin is demonised because the Western system—as led by America and Judeo-Masonry—opposes all traditional religion, it is the Enlightenment imperative. Additionally, the Jews have much power in America and many are descended from Russian Jews—they left due to pogroms organised by the Orthodox Church, of which Dugin is a big champion. Hence he is depicted as evil and hence the need to kill him. At the global level, America works to exterminate all traditional religions and practices—being founded on betrayal, she has always worked for the anti-Christ.

Dugin was on his way back from a “Tradition” festival but swapped cars with his daughter—so she got the bomb aimed for him. As discussed elsewhere, Dugin does not really understand Traditionalism, being too intellectual; he plays political games, he does not simply see—and for all I know the “Tradition” festival just featured extensive Serbian turbo-folk (nothing wrong with turbo-folk, but it’s not Traditionalism). This notwithstanding, Dugin orientates to a religious perspective more than not and so it seems Providence has saved him from death for some other purpose—a synchronous intervention that frustrated the plans of Judeo-Masonry.


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