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(286) Épervier

So far as psychological manipulation goes—so far as silences and gaslighting go—it’s universal to the human condition. Man lives in a permanent hallucination facilitated through splitting, projection, and introjection. So far as politics goes, the right and the left have their own iterations on these behaviours—and each reflects the masculine and feminine position respectively.

The left prefers gaslighting (which they accuse the right of all the time—but that's projection). A classic example is the leftist attempt to convince people that the first people to live in the British Isles were black—due to some suggestive presentation of scientific research that showed an archaic human in these isles had black skin (no relation to black Africans—but it was all implied). That's gaslighting—a bit like Soviet propaganda and all things 1984. The left also quite likes double-binds: white people don't exist and are responsible for everything bad in the world—you can't win.

Right = masculine. Men know better than to invent stories—and are less chatty than women. Hence the right lies through strategic silences. So, for example, it's things like the Jordan Neely murder; the murderer is arrested but he's an ex-Marine (except you're never really out of the brotherhood) and the cops who arrest him feel they’re part of the extended Mannerbund, if they’re not ex-Marines themselves—so there's an unspoken rule (omertà, like the mafia) that he gets the benefit of the doubt. It’s real—it happens in the way fathers favour one brother over the other as well (and it's connected to how men get jobs and are promoted); and it's also part of what the left means by “white supremacy” and "institutional racism" but they can never capture what it *really* is—because they don't *really* understand humans. So which is worse? The left, obviously—because they invent things from whole cloth; it's worse to outright lie than to say nothing—although I think there is a neutral nothing and a malevolent nothing.


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