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Updated: May 3, 2023

Around 20% of young people in the US—the wider West—identify as LGBT, if certain surveys are to be believed. That is among Gen Z—among Millennials it’s around 10%, and then it drops down to comically low (i.e. correct) numbers for older generations (1.2%). But for an oldster, “LGBT” is taken to mean “literally homosexual”—which very few people are, really (1.2%—less, perhaps). LGBT is a belief—an ideology—it doesn’t really have anything to do with homosexuality; and its prevalence gives us a clue as to how historians today can be adamant that ancient Greece was heavily homosexual—because under decadence people start to do and say peculiar things (and those things can be interpreted in many ways further down the line).

Hence future historians, if there are any (or any for a thousand years or so), will have to begin social history lectures with the words, “While it may seem remarkable that 28.5% of the population claimed to be homosexual in mid-2100s America, we must understand that ‘LGBT’ did not mean a person sexually attracted to the same sex but should be taken more as akin to membership in a political party today—as a measure of engagement with the state’s system of legitimisation. And it is in that spirit we must approach the subject…that is to say, ‘LGBT’ had very little to do with ‘sex’ as we we understand it.”

I myself lived through the first mass LGBT wave as a teenager in the 2000s—though, at the time, it didn’t seem abnormal to me. Young Europeans adopt it, in my view, primarily to avoid the stigma of being white—most of the “mass adherents” today are probably impressionable young girls who want to fit in and are easily affected by pervasive mass propaganda (it also provides a handy way to avoid the universal stigma of being “white”—obviously, if you’re “bi” that is suitably vague; and “trans” seems to work without surgery). It’s a way out.


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