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(28) Phurros

There is a current fad for painting zebra crossings in the LGBT rainbow flag (the old one, without the colours for the intersex, asexuals, and black and brown people). The initiative provoked an amusing video where police horses refused to ride over the colours—apparently the horses will receive special aversion training to allow them to do so; and this is ironic, since the whole LGBT movement is in its own way aversion training for the general public. However, the decision to paint the LGBT flag on street crossings itself highlights the ambiguity contained within the LGBT movement: even today, it is hard to imagine an initiative to paint the Union Jack on crossings—let alone the Stars and Stripes, itself held in even higher esteem. To walk on a flag—to let thousands of people walk on it—constitutes an insult similar to if it were to be burnt.

So the LGBT flag, despite being about pride, receives no respect—not even from the people who defend it. In part, its treatment is because the movement itself celebrates perversion; ergo, it cannot even treat its own flag in a normal way—flags are meant to be respected and venerated, not trodden upon by the masses. Secondarily, I think the flag’s treatment reveals the way in which, at heart, the people who perpetuate the ideology know that it is not in the best interests of the people it purports to defend.

To repeat the refrain: BLM primarily hurts black people; feminism primarily hurts women; socialism hurts the working class; and the LGBT movement hurts people with abnormal sexual desires—no LGBT movement, no Aids and no monkeypox. The people who drive these movements forward are themselves perverse, perhaps self-harming and self-loathing—yet I also think that the corrupted elites who back these movements know they have no interest in blacks and sexual deviants and secretly rather enjoy, in a feminine and spiteful way, making their lives worse in the guise of defending them.


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