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(279) Aigle

I embody the archetype, have assumed the mantle and the mask, of Merlin—you could say I’m his reincarnation, although reincarnation is not real as people think; it’s more that I’m on the same wavelength, not that I’m the same man. Merlin is half stag—he went mad and roamed the forests, and comical things happen to him. His lover betrays him, he kills her lover, and then falls into a river—it’s a bit farcical, Merlin tumbles about the place, like a mad stag.

So if you expect some sombre, serious account you’ll not get it here—it’s always going to be a bit wild, anything could happen. The knights of the Roundtable might be chaste and upstanding men, but Merlin’s a mad stag. He’s not an entirely serious type, like Galahad or Gawain—not because he tries to be deliberately funny but because *things just happen* to him. There’s no attempt to be funny here, it’s not an act—it’s just reality. So, for example, the other day I cut my penis (within the sheaf, on the purple bell itself) because a girl grabbed it and it caught my fly. It bled a lot but it was okay, it healed quickly.

This is a very Merlin thing to happen—perhaps it’s akin to a primitive scarification ritual, albeit conducted synchronistically. This is how it goes—Merlin is half Christian, half pagan. There will be things said that are profound and pure—but things will also get stag-like from time to time, possibly very often (forest talk). So if you expect some purity channel, you’re not going to find it here—you need to find Gawain or Lancelot or Arthur (although they did some things etc). At times, it will be straight-out madness—which frightens some people, but it’s not so bad really. Social conventions will not be respected—and that’s irrelevant in a way, since social conventions have collapsed today. But what did a hart ever know about social conventions, anyway?


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