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(278) Faucon

I think the biggest lie out there is that there isn’t an afterlife. I think the idea there isn’t an afterlife is put about by supposedly “mature” people to bind you into the system. It fits with a wider pattern where secular and/or leftist ideas are presented as “sophisticated” or even “adult”—in the sense “adult movie”, perhaps. It goes along with “trusting the experts” and “being rational”—and it’s connected to a kind of foot-dragging “yeah *meh* whatever I guess that’s life, not keen on it but here I am.” It’s supposedly a “grown-up” attitude—and it’s really axiomatic for the modern. It’s powerful because it makes people more compliant and anxious, with one life to live they’re bound to be conservative about everything—better hold on to that life.

I think you can catch the truth if you sidle up to it by surprise. So, one day last week, my mother bent down and said, “Oh, I’m getting old, I’ll die soon,” and then, as she turned to leave the room, I said, “But nobody ever dies,” and she said, almost unconsciously, “That’s true.” I got a similar reaction out of her many years ago when she came into my room and I said, “I think Hinduism is the true religion,” and she said, “Oh yes, I think so”. Today, I’d say “truest” but that was just what I said at the time—she has no interest in these matters. It was the nature of the reply that interested, because it was unconscious—not her usual conversational voice.

I’ve seen a few supernatural entities—invisible 7ft-high creatures that bellow like bulls—so it seems to me more likely than not there’s an afterlife. It just fits with what everyone has always said—and, a few posts back, I related my aunt’s experience with the ghost of a suicide. This reality is not well-known because the earth is in the grip of Satan—and so everything must be made dull and selfish.


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