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In Prophecy (III), I said that there’s just energy to be redirected—and that in order to do so you must accept everything. If you reject things, as with Jonathan Bowden and Jordan Peterson, you will explode at some point when all the rejected energy comes back at you—in those two cases it’s ironic, because they both talk about “energy”, “redirecting energy”, and “accepting the denied” but they don’t practice what they preach. Nietzsche suffered the same fate—he extinguished all compassion, excoriated Christ, hated women and then ended up embracing a horse and in the care of his female relatives (Christian). What he denied came back and destroyed him—even though he was a great apostle of “psychic energy”.

By “accept” I don’t mean “affirm in a positive way”—as some people would say “you must accept gay people”, by which they mean engage in a positive affirmation (a pride parade); or even just saying “good for you, that’s awesome!”. True acceptance is not spoken, if it’s affirmed in a self-conscious way then it’s not real acceptance. By “accept” I mean almost the same as the discipline where whenever your internal monologue intrudes you say “ego”—in this case you say “accept”. This is not the same as saying “good job, I accept you, brother.” Such statements are always false.

If you practice this discipline, you will begin to see things without judgement—you just see things. Jesus was right, judge not lest you be judged yourself—when you accept everything you just see life “as is” and then follow the trails life suggests. This is what it means to redirect the energy. People are generally too critical, too judgemental, too quick to split things into “good” and “bad”—then they feel constant despair and disappointment, since everything around them is seen in moralised terms or in terms of annoyance and “problem”. When we accept things we destroy this state and so become content with the world. We also see more.


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