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276. The arousing (II)

The Mafia, when depicted in films, usually forces a new member to commit a grave crime; they demand that the initiate commits, for example, a murder. Evidence from this crime is then retained for use against the initiate if he decides to betray his oath; he will be given up to the authorities, or evidence will be passed to a rival gang to prove he killed their comrade —he comes to a bad end either way, killed by the rival gang or murdered in the unstable prison ecology. Whether such initiations take place in real life is a moot point, the principle is certainly operative in our world.

This is really a counter-initiation and not an initiation; a true initiation takes place when a solider or policeman swears an oath on a holy book to defend and preserve his country and its laws—similarly, a priest is initiated into certain mysteries when he joins a church. The Mafia counter-initiation perverts this process: to join the organisation is to overthrow national laws and, indeed, to overthrow universal moral laws.

This brings us to abortion and divorce in the Western world. What are these institutions—now celebrated, as weddings once were, with parties? The answer is that divorce and abortion serve as anti-institutions or counter-initiation rites to secure fidelity to the Western regimes. Notably, childbirth and marriage both have strong initiatory elements—the latter more formalised than the former, though for a woman to give birth and for a man to become a father are both possibly more primal initiatory states. People will often remark that it “feels different” to be married and, even more so, to be a parent; even though, in the former case, nothing has changed in the material sense. From a biological view, a woman’s brain changes during the childbirth process; so the entire event has an aspect of metamorphosis to it, even if taken at a materialist level—the girl becomes a woman.

Divorce and abortion invert marriage and childbirth respectively. These are counter-initiations that open the pathway to possession; for, you may notice, a good many children that claim to be transsexual are brought up by divorced parents: once the family unit is broken up, other pathologies can enter. After all, the Western regimes define themselves in relation to how far they can break up organic bonds—particularly the family, particularly paternal authority—and then replace organic bonds, such as nation and religion, with inorganic causes: anti-racism, LGBT, Extinction Rebellion, and so on.

The basic thrust is to forcefully attack the father-God in order to worship the mother-God: the environment, feminine homosexuality, liquid gender relations, consumerism, and exoticised other races for whom we are supposed to feel pity. The ideal subject for Western regimes is an atomised individual without family, nation, or religion upon which whatever ideological fad can be impressed, usually through manipulative sentimental propaganda. The regimes know that women are the weak point—so did Christian priests long ago—so they encourage them to leave their husbands and murder their children; as they do so, they burn the biological capital that sustains the civilisation.

It might seem strange to mix Machiavelli with counter-initiation, an idea borrowed from the pious Guénon, but the policy makes good Machiavellian sense. As with the Mafia initiation, the legalisation of divorce and abortion makes it harder for conservatives to restore those institutions. Eventually, so many people have been “blooded” that everyone knows at least one—probably more—person in their families or friendship groups who has been divorced or procured an abortion. Hence the system, in a Machiavellian twist, turns our natural inclination to defend our families and friends against us; if conservatives attempt to restore these institutions, people, even if they slightly agree with the conservatives, become uncomfortable. They are reluctant to indict themselves or their own friends and relatives, since our organic loyalties are that strong. As with the mafioso who wishes to repent, people find themselves trapped by the primal counter-initiatory crimes.

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