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268. Breakthrough (II)

About two years ago, I happened on a YouTube channel called “London Real”. The channel is run by a glib American, Brian Rose, who is a complete charlatan, conman, and charmer—he is also, as with all such people, a loveable rogue. From the first moment I saw him, I thought: “This man is a complete bullshit artist. He doesn’t believe a single thing he says—and yet he is so much fun.” Rose looks somewhat devilish and, as with many such people, decided to inhabit a deep bunker under his offices to carry out interviews; he made his own Hell. This was all deeply ironic because Rose specialises in interviews with people involved in contemporary “spirituality”; people who have gone on ayahuasca trips and vaguely think there is a another dimension filled with DMT elves—men like Graham Hancock and David Icke. These are men who attract the woolly—always on the lookout for a “new path”, though they never seem to find anything that satisfies.

Rose is a devilish entertainer; he consciously modelled himself on a black American pimp—and he was pimp-daddy to those people with a vague interest in “spirituality”. He is the all-American hustler and bullshit merchant, a man descended from people who—in all probability—fled the old country under a shadow and then fled town after town in the New World before the locals found out they had been sold a dud.

Eventually, Rose attracted his nemesis: a rival YouTube channel called Rebel Wisdom, founded by a former Channel 4 journalist. Rebel Wisdom pitches itself as an utterly respectable and unimpeachable spiritual channel—naturally, it is much less popular than London Real. It mainly interviews earnest academics—such as the pompous Intellectual Dark Web—who think they are very pious and very truthful. Actually, they are no different from Brian Rose and his balls-out insane guests; it is just that the Rebel Wisdom crew are high on their own supply. They take themselves very seriously and think they are ever such moral and intelligent people—even though they are more full of shit than London Real. The difference is that London Real and Brian Rose are aware that they are full of shit and are in it for the fame, girls, and money—Rebel Wisdom are too far up their own arses for that.

Rebel Wisdom obsesses over London Real and Brian Rose because the entire channel is parasitic; it projects its envious weakness onto the successful Rose in a moralised form. Rebel Wisdom was founded to piggyback on the Jordan Peterson phenomenon and—being created by a journalist—has carried on doing what journalists always do: hypocritical preaching and parasitism on real people. London Real is massively successively: it is the real shit, brutal and wicked and fun—yes, it hurts people; but real things do hurt.

To be real: most people want sex, money, and public adoration. London Real is open about its goals in this regard: work like a demon, have fun, and damn the consequences. In an odd way, it is more spiritual than the self-professed holy men of Rebel Wisdom. You are a good deal closer to the divine if you can say: I’m here for the women, the money, and the glory. The really dangerous people are the ones who never admit that this is what they really want. As with journalists, particularly from the ultra-progressive Channel 4, they moralise and profess their love for mankind—a love that is really envy and hatred.

In short, get real: the first step on any spiritual path is to admit you are in love with the world—in love with Satan. If your first move is to get up and moralise and profess your goodness you are utterly unreal. To be spiritual is to get real, so admit what you really want—not to love everyone and help everyone, but to be the most important dog on the block and mate with all the bitches.


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