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(26) Leukos

“It’s no good thinking that our enemies are magicians; it makes us powerless.” When people make this statement they yearn to be contradicted—for really, would it not be much better if magic and esoteric warfare were real? Fortunately, they are—so whether you like it or not the elites do utilise supernatural agency to carry out their plans. Remember, blood is the most potent magical agent to actuate a spell: a certain proportion of wraiths and strays, without family and friends, disappear every year—nobody asks any question about them, and a number undoubtedly end up used for human sacrifice.

Mainstream Christian churches tend to poo-poo such suggestions, say that the occult isn’t real and so constitutes no threat. Yet most Christian churches are Satanic and they are unconcerned by occult powers because they either don’t believe in spiritual reality or they are controlled by those occult forces themselves: Notre-Dame was burned down and no culprits were sought; it was a move in the deliberate war against Europe and the divine—it was not carried out by Muslims.

If you have no spiritual stance, you are open to predation—truly powerless. “I guess the country has gone downhill but when you’re dead you’re dead, so I might as well enjoy myself and hopefully it won’t get too bad before I die.” Hence, recently, a new Satanic book, The Last White Man, was trailered extensively; it provoked reaction formation because people who think all life amounts to is matter are easily terrorised by ideas of racial (or individual) extinction. Once you realise that the heroes will swarm back into this reality from Hyperborea to purify the earth, there is no need for concern—the spirit cannot be extinguished, except through sin. It is the materialist viewpoint that makes people easily bullied by The Last White Man—itself part of a wider anti-European offensive, as seen in recent hiring decisions in Minneapolis schools and the RAF, that has been planned over a long period.


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