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255. Biting through (VI)

An English sea captain who visited America in the mid-1800s observed that locals near Boston had recently broken into and destroyed a Catholic monastery. Although the motivation was partly due to the then pervasive fear that the papacy would undermine America through clandestine means, the sea captain observed that the incident was bound up with democracy itself: a democracy cannot abide secrets, since secrets suggest elitism and discrimination. In turn, this leads democracy to be against the sacred and religion itself, both require a division mediated through a secret rite—the division between the sheep and the goats, as the Christians say.

We saw this illustrated when Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol in January 2021; they erected a cross before the Capitol, but the media responded to the assault on the building in religious terms. “Democracy’s temple defiled,” they said; the place where the people come to worship—to worship corrupt deals and backhanders—had been violated. The incident illustrated the basic tension: democracy serves the masses, money, and deals; and the democrat wants everything on show, without secrets and tradable—the religious discriminate and declare certain areas inviolable. “The temple is the temple because it is not for sale,” observed Ezra Pound. The American political divide remains the Cross versus the Capitol.

When you look at the Acropolis in Athens you look at a secret. From ancient times onwards, we have had the idea of a “temenos”; the temenos—a word derived from “cut”—was a delineated space, often literally a walled garden, just like Eden, where sacred rites were performed; and this is what the Acropolis is. This is mystery: mystery is more than the unknown; it is initiation—another elite activity—and so to live without mystery is to live without the deep knowledge. An Athenian who made it to the Acropolis could claim sanctuary, just as a Christian could flee to a church in medieval times. Notably, there is no sanctuary in a democracy, because in a democracy there can be no exclusion; everybody makes the cut, nobody is outside the walled garden. We are all in Eden, another way to say nobody is in Eden.

America is a very democratic country and it is known for a population that is very open, some would say too open, about itself. There is little mystery in America; it is ground zero for the world pornography market, you can see everything there—from sex to defecation; and sometimes, in certain videos, both at the same time.

As with all perversions, democracy provides inverted secrecy, sacredness, and mystery. There was great secrecy about Hunter Biden’s activities with prostitutes and drugs before the 2020 election: democracy wanted this information, profane information, suppressed. The Catholic wafer must be stolen from Mass and subjected to chemical analysis to “prove” it is not Christ’s body, but the politician’s son, a whoremonger and drug addict, must remain an inviolable secret. The pictures have even been scrubbed from Google, so Hunter looks quite innocent. Similarly, the Capitol—a place filled with lies and corruption—is treated as an inviolable space, guarded by a huge military presence, while the police routinely disrupt church services to enforce useless Covid-19 regulations. Of course, the people are studiously excluded from the “people’s temple”. As for mystery, citizens can “take a knee” and be inducted into the George Floyd cult—a true mystery, how a thug could become a saint.

Men like Julian Assange—bound to tell the whole truth—are arrested and persecuted, because they violate the profane secrets. Assange is deeper than he seems; he was brought up, in part, by a member of a Kundalini sect; a sect that collected white-haired children. His white hair is a tribute to that sect; and also to the Buddha, who is reputed to have had white hair like cotton wool. He is, like the Buddha, Aryan: sworn to tell the truth, no matter the consequences—no wonder the very blonde Pamela Anderson supports him so faithfully.


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