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(237) Łiba

I had a vision in the bathroom today, the vision was this: I saw churches burning—and cathedrals. I saw a great many on fire, everywhere. I saw that the fate of European Christianity is similar to the fate of the Library of Alexandria—namely, to be destroyed utterly. In fact, it has already began—there is an international campaign to burn down churches and cathedrals; in part, it succeeds because nobody uses these buildings anymore—so it is a mere formality.

In the poetic sense, Notre-Dame caught fire because nobody prayed in her anymore—only tourists came, and a cathedral is supported by prayers. In the prosaic sense, it was done in a deliberate manoeuvre to destroy European Christianity—for the responsible parties have never been caught, and only the flimsiest cause given for why it happened. Sometimes when these churches are burned someone is caught, a mad immigrant—yet they are just patsies; they were put up to it by much deeper and more sinister forces, for the entire operation is planned and intentional. It is far from unique, if you are alert you can identify many such projects—for example, in Britain, there is a mass campaign through advertising to destroy more upper-class accents and replace them with working-class pronunciations (e.g bath for barth).

It’s the same with the advertisements to make white women breed with black men—which work, I see many such pairings now, though both parties look uncomfortable (because they have been hypnotised). In another angle, there has been a deliberate campaign to make black men wear typical “northern” or “rural” British flat caps so as to change the semiotics of the flat cap to belong to black men (another media strand, using a “Cheddar Man” reconstruction, is aimed to convince people the original Britains were black). All these activities are coordinated by forces that take their orders from a Satanic entity outside space and time, its presence summoned by child-sacrifice. Their global power is almost total.


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