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(232) Tátłʼidgo dootłʼizh

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

A German psychiatrist writing in the 1950s observed that the American family functioned on a co-equal basis—and not just between the parents, the child had a say too. He likened it to “checks and balances”, as in the American system of government—and further observed that the woman did everything the man did. In other words, America has been trans for a long time—American women have been men for decades, despite all the propaganda that says otherwise.

Decisions were made in the family on a consensus-basis, with the child giving considerable input to both parents. Indeed, the psychiatrist even says the child may “correct” its parents—the general environment is described as “fluctuating” and “inconsistent”, as you would expect. Give this scenario—and this was in the “conservative, patriarchal” 1950s—it is no surprise that America has a problem with trans children now; both women and children are labile and susceptible to mass-media persuasion—persuasion about “gender dysphoria”, for example. It’s not hard to see how dad, if he has reservations, might be convinced by the other two forces in the triangle to make concessions—and, remember, the average American man was co-equal with a woman in the 1950s (she performed all male functions, says the psychiatrist) so the contemporary man can only be weaker than that.

The rest follows as a fait accompli; if you have two indoctrinated parties and one weak party then the parties who want to alter the child’s gender identity will win—it’s just not going to be a contest. Sure, there are some variations and, for the moment, it will only be the families with the weakest fathers who will go that way—but the whole structure is susceptible to it; as with everything unhealthy, as with cancer, the American family is an ill-defined blob. This means that trans will not go away, America herself has been trans for over half a century—possibly from the very start. It’s always been very accommodating—more than…


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Some guy with no plan
Some guy with no plan
14 mar 2023

Fuck dude. Shit.

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