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(231) Łichíí

It is reliably the case that people only do what is in their interests—everything I do on this website is for my benefit, and no one else; even when it seems against my interests, it’s in my interests in some way I don’t know yet. It’s easy to forget this is so about other people. So once I walked down a street in London with a very right-wing Jew—almost a neo-fascist, if you believed his press—and it so happened this district was all African; and I commented on that. No reaction. There was no reaction because the far-right act was a pose—something for the bored rich to shock people with. He didn’t care about Britain, he wasn’t bothered by immigration—he was an oriental cosmopolitan in his blood, with a persecution complex (the Jews are so desperate to be persecuted they even pretend to be fascists, since fascists are persecuted today).

You find people like that often become “Traditionalists” because it’s less hardcore than anything to do with genetics or straight-out Hitlerism—lots of mixed-race “aristocrats of the soul” (pretentious confused teenagers). They’re modern—they think “ancient spirituality” means “it’s all made-up really so when we say ‘Aryan’ that can mean anything, not like a genetic test where there’s nowhere to hide”. Again, it’s all self-interest—and easy to do because there are no Traditional authorities to throw you in the fire as a racial abomination anymore.

It’s the same with gays. You can’t be gay and on the right—gay men hate the family and the right exists to protect the family. No matter what they say or do their self-interest will come out, they will twist it round so that “real masculinity” is all men in tight sweaty pants who should hate women. A virtue-signal just serves short-term interest to be popular against your long-term interest—it’s a false economy, an attempt to save energy when you should expend it. Rishi Sunak is not in my interests.


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