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(228) Arunah

Truly we live in a dark age, an age where all that is valued is money and, above all, the image we project to other people—the greed is enormous, it destroys not only people and animals but also the planet itself. It creates non-men—voids or grey half-punched cardboard—that see nothing and think only about how they can swindle from their fellow man or how they can create the impression they are good people. Yet everywhere around us the buildings are uglier than ever and the people are uglier than ever—even as technology improves every year (although there are grounds to think we have destroyed the biological substrate that creates such advance).

There is another way, the way of the musical light discs that fly through the skies; perhaps the people who made Zelda understood this is so—he plays his Ocarina of Time to open certain pathways, and, in actually, if you know the mudras that is how reality works in its most complete form. Yet for now, though I have seen the spheres of light, we must live in the world of non-men—we must live in the world of the lie, of Satan. It is pointless to show men the exit, for they will turn their noses up at it and kick back their hind legs and refuse it like dogs. Why are you too good for it?

It takes a long time to scratch a man’s heart so that it no longer sees; it has to be slowly incased in scratches until it cannot reach out to reality. Hence you can, especially when young, do many bad things with little consequence—young people are often innocent in their choice of evil and somehow it doesn’t cut right down. The Satanic you can recognise because they are dead and corny—like an awkward suburban dad. What they call “responsibility” is a cover—a cover for irresponsibility and cowardice. There is only one responsibility: to heed the call.


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