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(225) Lohitaḥ

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

The Intelligence Quotient is a leftist concept, although relative to the change in left and right it now appears to be on the right. Character > intelligence. It’s perfectly possible to be intelligent and have a bad character—intelligence is just the ability to solve problems, the problem you solve might be how to rig the whole system in your interests. Character is also hereditary and must be somewhat related to intelligence but it is not synonymous with it. People who study IQ see higher IQ as positive because high-IQ people don’t commit violent crimes and cooperate with ease; yet the concept doesn’t capture non-violent crimes—let alone whether someone is a status-seeker or “a rotter” who will happily politely rig the system to their benefit.

The concept of “meritocracy”, somewhat related to IQ, also derives from the left. Again, the idea is that pure intellectual ability is what counts—it’s not holistic, it’s not well-rounded; it was pushed by American Jews to break down the Anglo ruling class bastions likes Harvard and then, due to higher Jewish ethnocentricity, they came to dominate such institutions—similar drawbacks apply to other clannish races. If you look at Brothers Grimm, the Jews are clever, you shouldn’t deprive them of their property (lives), but they lie all the time—what’s the good if your society is dominated by clever liars?

Of course, the left refuses even IQ now—has long refused it—as being too egalitarian. They want either no standards or, really, inverted standards—so the least able are promoted automatically. Yet it’s worth keeping in mind that we’re governed by “two lefts”—the IQ enthusiasts would just build a society dominated by dishonest, mafia-like people who are greedy and also fanatics for secular religions like Marxism (not a great ruling class). What about AI? Surely AI will cut through all this monkey-brain deception? To judge by ChatGPT you can build an AI that lies—just not as cleverly as humans. Aristocrats are uncut diamonds.


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