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(221) Kausumbhaḥ

Rasputin—but first, Jesus. To state the bleeding obvious, the reason Jesus hung out with whores is that a whore is exactly what she says on the tin—she fucks for money. He wasn’t, like some 19th-century vicar in the vile alleys of Whitechapel, engaged in some social work program to “rehabilitate fallen girls”. His point was that the whores are there to fuck for money and so there is no pretence about them—the richer you get, the more pretence you have. It’s the same deal with tax collectors and the poor; he admires them because they have few pretences and so are not very hypocritical, not because it’s great to be poor or a tax collector or a whore in some sentimental way. It sucks to be all those things—but you are what you are, anyway.

The message gets confused because people want to carry on being hypocrites. They’ll happily donate all their money to a cause rather than give up virtue-signalling: the whole “abandon your family”, “give up your money” idea put forward by Jesus is a technique to achieve a result, not an end in itself. He’s aware that it’s people who are higher status who play the most complex status games and need to be shocked by something visceral—it’s not that whores and the poor (the poor in spirit) are somehow “good”, just flagrant.

Rasputin: he was a Khlysty and the Khlysty are really the Chis(h)ti—a Sufi mystery school from Afghanistan, actually related to the English Morris Dancers. It’s all about wild dances, bagpipes, and puns. All the sex and giving away money was just a technique to attain magico-mystical powers and insight, to shock all the hypocrites in St. Petersburg (Rasputin had his own spin on it, you couldn’t use the Jesus act again—people had got wise). Rasputin was the only force holding the Russian Empire together—that’s why English intelligence, through Masonic connections, had him shot; and that started the Russian Revolution.


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