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(220) Palāśaḥ

A meaningful life: the only way to lead a meaningful life is to fall into total chaos—to completely let go of any conscious attempt to control the situation, particularly those techniques that you have developed to manipulate reality and hold it at bay. You should then only listen to the inner voice of command no matter what the consequences are—this is what it means to have a vocation, a calling (literally, to be called by “the voice”). Fall into total chaos, achieve total order—yet most people lack the faith to not attempt to control the situation; you have to let go altogether and not consider the consequences.

Schools, the media, and many mass organisations exist to destroy this capacity—they exist to turn people into efficient robots and not organic beings with a destiny. The struggle is to remove the mental cap that they put on you early in life in order to “get the situation under control”—the people who do this are, in fact, insane; they are the ones out of control, they are the ones who start wars and wreck the environment—their rationale is always impeccable. Once you have removed the cataracts it becomes possible to see—these are the cataracts that develop young.

If everybody followed their vocation, perfect order would pertain. We are a long way from that. People say “I can’t do that” because they think about the consequences as regards social or financial status—which may suffer (or may not, though probably yes). Alternatively, they fool themselves into thinking that this means that they’re really “an artist” or something flattering like that. The voice is not so definite. The voice tells you things and you follow it, but it rarely says “be that”. It’s more iterative, it works itself out bit by bit—whereas the expectation is that it will be presented whole. When it is presented whole that is usually some impressive delusion about yourself you want to sell to others.


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