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(22) Chloros

A further detail about my experience at Hartsfell: the entities I encountered there appeared to be orbs from a distance (just as magicians such as Crowley and Jack Parsons have reported)—stars fallen from the sky that moved around at will; and under magnification from my “Avalon brand” monocular (a gift, a Hyperborean gift) they appeared to be pieces of neon string that vibrated at a great rate. It struck me that these star-entities—the gods—were the very same seen by the shepherds who watched their flocks by night (all seated on the ground) and by the Three Wise Men; just as my white star glided across the ridge line above me, so too did the Three Wise Men follow “yonder star” to the crib.

The Three Wise Men were, of course, philosophers—philosophers in the old sense, lovers of Sophia (wisdom; hence “Wise Men”); and the ancient philosophy, per ancient Egypt, related to the stars—it aimed to return a person to their natal star, such a star being not exactly the natural stars in the sky but rather the entities which I encountered. Hartsfell is an initiatic site where Melin lived; and Merlin was said, during his years of madness, to live in the forest and speak to the stars—rather like Van Gogh; both were philosophers. Merlin was in dialogue with the entities I encountered that night—as were the Wise Men. So once again the Bible is confirmed.

A further note to add, I did speak with the entities—speak to them; and yet this elicited no real response. However, at one moment I became every excited about what was happening and scrunched up in excitement—at this, the white god became very animated and excited. This is in line with observations from other magicians that you must negate the conscious mind and allow the pure will to operate to deal with supernatural entities. I probably should have performed a real wild dance to truly talk to them…


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