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(215) Aruṇaḥ

The Democrats and Republicans seem determined to work together to undermine America’s national interest. The Democrats attack Russia at any cost, the Republicans attack China at any cost—the result is that both parties, with their different focuses, drive Russia and China together. This is exactly the situation that men with foresight, such as Kissinger and Nixon, tried to avoid—and they avoided it even when, on paper, China and Russia were both in the same ideological camp. Today, America is so badly governed that her rulers do exactly the opposite to what constitutes sound policy.

If Russia and China are forced together, they will form a single Eurasian bloc that will dominate what the British geographer MacKinder called “the world island”—a geographical location that contains over 50% of the world’s resources. MacKinder’s dictum ran “he who controls the world island, controls the world”. So if China and Russia are united they’ll become the hegemonic force in world affairs—with a bigger population, more resources, and a larger economy than the US. Spengler predicted that Russia was the coming power and I agree—Russia will be the “head”, provide the missing individualism, to China’s massive but mindless body.

Naturally, it is unnecessary. The Republican alarmism about “CCP China” as if China is “Red China” is delusional—the Chinese are quite conciliatory, they’re not driven by a firm belief system. Similarly, there was no need to wage unlimited war on Russia—except for reasons of spite against the Russians from the powerful ex-Soviet Jewish lobby in Washington. There’s just no benefit to America from either policy—and huge drawbacks. The Chinese and Russians are quite ambivalent about each other in some ways—especially as the Chinese encroach on Russia’s borders. But they’ve been forced together by American stupidity—basically, emotionalism. Once they understand quite how powerful they are as a single bloc it will be “game over” for America and the wider West; no one will be able to challenge the Eurasian behemoth.


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Feb 25, 2023

My question is: don't the European banker elites know that reality? Aren't they already trying to move their roots to these new Eastern opportunities, while getting out of the West at the same time? They are bankers, after all, and do not have a particular "land", or do they?

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