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(214) Nāriṅgaḥ

The Black Book of Communism says that Communism killed 100M people—well, so what? It’s pointless for the right to point out that Communism—take that broadly and include American communism with a small “c”—has killed more people than any non-Communist system. The right doesn’t want to do it because the right doesn’t play victim—the left talks about the holocaust because it loves victimhood. The right constitutes self-reliant people who sort it out themselves—additionally, as patriots, they don’t care about how many people Mao, Stalin, or Hitler killed; that is all in another country—unless it affects your family, who cares? It’s liberals who “bleed for the world”—the Armenians, the gypsies, the Turkish earthquake, the fly-covered African baby…

The right doesn’t pretend to care, it assumes that is all virtue-signalling. However, there’s another reason for the right not to care about “the 100M”. Communism is wrong because it attacks the metaphysical order of reality, truth and beauty—it’s Satanic. It’s not wrong because in a quasi-utilitarian point it “kills more people” than capitalism—to argue in that way is itself leftist, it’s about pain and harm reduction. Even if non-Communist systems killed more than Communism—killed 150M—these would still be in the right; they could continue to kill to defend the eternal metaphysical order until 1.2Bn were dead—until only 12 remained. If that’s what it takes to defeat Satan, so be it.

Hitler’s crime was not to kill so many—he is hated while Stalin and Mao are ignored because he discriminated. That is the real crime that upsets people—to have standards (and to be European, we expect that barbarism from the Russians and the Chinese but not the Germans). People who call for “Gulag Memorial Day” are leftists—they think the liberal right can play victim too. Not so. The left likes indiscriminate violence (it’s democratic), so it turns out they always kill more than the right—though the right doesn’t care, nor should it.


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