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(213) Śvetaḥ

The Hurlers stone circle at Minions in Cornwall is orientated towards the star Arcturus in two dimensions and also to the star Vega. This is significant because there was some question as to whether King Arthur, as transmuted into a star-god, was Polaris or Arcturus; both have an Arthurian connection—Arcturus being connected to “Arktos” (“the bear”) and Polaris being at the end of the Little Bear constellation. Arthur means “bear” and his name is connected to those Scandinavian shaman-warriors who were said to transmute into a bear—a berserker in the most literal sense; King Arthur went berserk.

We now know for sure that Arthur is Arcturus—itself located in the constellation Boötes; and this is significant because Boötes is itself a hunter—it is said that Arthur would hunt Merlin, in the form of a stag (hart), across the sky every year; and this action would ensure the seasonal changes that sustained man’s life. So it fits together from a mythological perspective very well. Vega itself, when the circle was in current use (who knows when it was constructed), once served as the Pole star—and will again as time progresses (so there is another polar connection there).

This means that any European religious revival—one centred on the ancient Indo-Aryan artefact, the Grail—should venerate Arcturus as Arthur. He is the king who heads the Roundtable and now we know exactly where he sleeps—for it is said, in a common tale, that Arthur sleeps to be reawakened when his land is in need. In line with an entirely practical religious mode, more amenable to Europeans, people who want to “see God” could simply be taken outside on a dark evening and shown Arcturus (Arth-turus); nothing is more self-evident or simple. This is the bear-like spirit that must reawaken in order to turn Europe from her current fate, it is the berserker spirit—and it is found in Arcturus. Hence we should make sacrifice to the star-god, summon his aid.


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