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(21) Prasinos

The left hates biology; it can accommodate physics easily enough, the USSR quickly gained the atom bomb—but it can never deal with biology, with the softest science. On the material level this is because biology, even elementary biology any farmer could tell you, contradicts leftist claims about fundamental human equality: people differ in height, intelligence, personality, strength, and so on—and these characteristics are innate (even the ability to improve your body and mind through exercise is due to conscientiousness—itself innate).

Yet Darwinism, the struggle for survival, also constitutes a potent weapon against traditional societies—a force for atheism and materialism; pure evolutionary biology just talks about gene frequencies in competition, the tribes are lost—nobody is anything (“We’re all Africans in the end!”). However, Darwinism does retain a non-materialist element—the selection mechanism, the cull; at its core, Darwinism is about the separation of the sheep from the goats—a religious and qualitative idea, whether there is an entity that makes a conscious selection or not.

The left ultimately hates biology because biology studies nature—it studies a holistic and integral system that develops through gradual evolution (in the developmental, not the Darwinian, sense). The integral organic system is prior to everything else—it is the priorness found in perennial nature that reflects the integral eternal organicism at the metaphysical level. Hypocrites deviate from nature and from the eternal law, eternity eventually corrects them through nature. Hence eternal entities speak through nature—manifest in animals, such as the hart (traditionally said to stand for Christ, “As the hart panteth after the waterbrooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.”). The left also hate cybernetics, since this is the science of system—the cyber ecology; it is also organic and holistic. Biological reality—Darwinism—does not constitute full reality, but it is closer to full reality than any other science in its prior integral organic wholeness; and it is this immutable priorness the left ultimately disdains—no negotiation with nature.


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