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(208) Pāṭalaḥ

There is some perturbation that God makes mistakes—yet to make mistakes is the best way to learn; it is Lucifer who aims for perfection, but perfection is unreal; it’s “uncanny valley”—to be beautiful you have to have a slight imperfection reintroduced into the whole, it’s like Japanese wabi-sabi where the pot has a slight flaw introduced into it on purpose; and it’s like the beauty spot on Claudia Schiffer—you wouldn’t be able to grasp it if it didn’t contain a slight imperfection. God is so wise because he has made so many mistakes over the aeons—if we take the Hebrew account these mistakes run from Lilith the wife Adam had before Eve to the flood that Noah survived, that’s quite a gamut. If you make mistakes for aeons and aeons—many mistakes being unrecorded (those were the other floods)—you’re going to get uncannily proficient at what you do.

So God is so wise because he has made so many mistakes—the only “sin” is not to learn from mistakes; some people make mistakes again and again: the best we can say is that you shouldn’t feel bad, just don’t do it again—or try to do it less often. After all, God has been in the same business for a long, long time—that’s how it works, lots of mistakes. People who expect everything to be perfect are unreal—of course, some people never come back from their mistakes but that’s okay, that’s also how it works.

God is black, of course—black is the colour of wisdom, and wisdom comes about when you make many mistakes. God is black because he is the night sky upon which the stars—the gods and angels in the heavens—are spread. The principial—the unmoved mover—is taken to be black; it’s what’s beyond the white light. So people who are clad in black have become as God, ever so wise and ever so ready to learn from their mistakes.


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