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(204) Nīlaḥ

There’s this idea “horseshoe theory” in politics that draws an equivalence between the far-left and the far-right—the idea being that both meet each other as the horseshoe curves round. It’s always annoyed me, mainly because it’s posted in a very smug way—“They’re all the same, aren’t they? I’m a moderate, of course—no concentration camps or gulags for me!”. The inference is wrong: the furthest left position is Stalinism—Stalin is like a bandit; the furtherest right position is Hitlerism—Hitler is like a knight. The commonality is that both gangster and knight are masculine, so operate in a similar way—and our societies disdain the masculine in any form.

Further, a horseshoe does not “meet in the middle”—it has empty space in it; so there is a gap between the far-left and the far-right (it’s why they’re not equivalents—one is noble manhood, the other degenerate manhood). What goes in the “empty middle”—anarchy. Not “left anarchy”, that’s closer to liberalism down with the moderates. So what is this “empty middle”—it’s the Tao, it’s real anarchy; and real anarchy is total order.

If you had the confidence to allow everyone to do exactly as they truly willed (without thinking about it), then true order would emerge from chaos. The only way to get true order is to allow total chaos—the problem is that few have the confidence, the faith, to do so; and so we live in a suboptimal political world. From the emptiness comes divine order—wherein everyone does what they are meant to do (in practice it will look aristocratic, yet not as with formalised aristocracies). It’s not like left anarchy because left anarchists can’t just let people do whatever they want—they have to meddle to ensure equality. What is the opposite to chaos-order? The moderate centrists—they are the antipode to the Tao; they are the Satanic deceivers who just try to look good and refuse to act with total faith, total self-negation.


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