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(202) Corar

If you get really good at anything, if you become really serious about anything, if you actually make progress then, at a certain point, people will emerge who express “concern” for you—the phenomenon is attested to on YouTube, it’s called “concern trolling” but it exists in real life too. The form it takes is social shame, it’s not when someone makes a concrete intervention (e.g. “If you put metal in the microwave, it will spark and explode,” as someone had to tell me once) rather it’s framed as a non-specific “concern”.

So it’s envy…Yes, yet it’s somewhat more than that. It’s to do with a fear of reality. Reality is concealed by the social dance; if you deviate from the social dance—become an outsider—then people will be overjoyed with what you bring back from the outside. This is the problem: the joy is too much for them to bear—they can’t stand it, to endure it you have to go to the outside yourself. Since the mass cannot stand it, they smother the joy—with “concern”. “We wouldn’t want you to go too far…”, “You’re taking it all very seriously…”, “That’s all very well but we have to live in the real world.” All attempts to smother the joy, to murder it—the great irony being that people who talk about the “real world” live in a fantasy; they just mean by that “social approval”, itself based on lies.

For women, the social whirl is it—it’s where they assess partners to mate with, it’s where they rate themselves as a “good girl”. If a woman is alone, she is almost dead—for her, aloneness is death. Hence the more feminised a society becomes the less acceptable it becomes to be an anti-social obsessive. Joseph Campbell talked about the hero who returns to his village with “a boon” from an adventure—what he didn’t consider was that the village might reject the boon, it being only handleable by the hero.


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