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(201) Cinzento

I just ran a little experiment, I stared into my frankincense and myrrh candle for 3 minutes (I incidentally discovered this Christmas that a fond scent from childhood was, in fact, frankincense and myrrh). I stared into the candle and saw various images: Aleister Crowley at first, then myself playing video games as a child, and really just mundane everyday thoughts that I wouldn’t say were connected with what happened next; as I stared at the flame, my eye was drawn to the light beam that fell from the candle not the flame itself—then I closed my eyes; as soon as I did so a perfect red circle formed in the centre of my vision, with a greenish halo around it.

The red dot persisted when I turned my face away from the candle, indeed it only strengthened in intensity—and I would stress it was perfectly circular, not jagged as with an effect from the candle flame or a residual image on my retina. What was more remarkable was that when I opened my eyes the red circle persisted in my vision; indeed, it began to bounce up and down about the room, sometimes with a light green halo and sometimes not. It seemed to be composed from the same material as the gods at Hartsfell and as the “electrical” light I have had in my eyes since then.

If I closed my eyes again, it was there as before—long after I had stopped looking at the candle; and, for about three or four minutes afterwards, it would “reform” as an exterior entity (without the halo, just red—a perfect red circle). It may be connected with the fact that in my mandalas about a month ago I reached “rubedo”—the bindi, redness, completeness. It was quite remarkable. Was it to do with Crowley? I don’t think so, since I mentioned him in a recent article he happened to be on my mind—that was just an initial “clearing” phase…


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