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(196) Modrá krev

So you follow the doctrine of awakening (popularly know as Buddhism) and yet you advocate that 82.3% of the world’s population should be killed, how do you square that with the Buddha’s injunction to compassion? I once saw an old dog, it was owned by two sentimental old ladies—the dog had jowls, it was a spaniel, and these jowls had decayed; the fur was green from rot underneath. It picked at its paws because it had cancer there. The old women used to be nurses, so they bandaged the cancerous paws up to stop the suppuration. They did this for about two years, the dog got thinner and thinner—bony thin. If you ran your hand over the skin you could feel the lumps there, the cancer nodules. The fur on the paws was always wet from where the dog chewed at its tumours.

The dog needed to be put down. It wasn’t put down when it needed to be because it was owned by women who were too weak to do so. They just kept it alive, an ambulatory rotten dog—in great pain. The compassionate action was to kill the dog—an act only a man could undertake. It was not done and the dog suffered because it was dominated by the feminine. Women are not prepared to remove life and so they create zombie life locked in pain. This is then called “compassion” and if you try to remove the pain you are called a monster.

As with the dog, so with the humans. There are many humans who are all green with rot, you can smell them as they approach. It’s not an economic calculation—it’s not whether they produce more or less economic value, as a Thatcherite might say (“To the wall!”). It’s partly that, yet it’s other tendencies too—there are people who produce economic value who are worthless in a different way. This isn’t emotional or personal; it’s not “I’ll get you”—it’s real compassion.


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