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192. Oppression (IV)

Yesterday, I mentioned that transsexual men are quite often alpha males, high achievers who are a little bit autistic—Bruce Jenner would be a case in point. These men simulate womanhood, but their idea of a woman is always, essentially, created in the image of their mother. The transsexual becomes, in his mind, a kind, gentle, and nurturing woman; he-she is the opposite of the true masculine and competitive life—to become transsexual is a kind of respite from competition.

The helicopter-journalist, Bob Tur, is a good example of a “retreat into womanhood”: he was an aggressive journalist, who learned to fly his own helicopter to chase stories over LA—he followed OJ and his white Bronco. When his mother died, his marriage failed, and his business tanked he became transsexual; he could not live without his ideal mother, whom he had run his business with for many years. In a manner somewhat reminiscent of Norman Bates, without his mother he became her—and he claimed that since transition he was much more gentle and sensitive, not the competitive “asshole” he had been before.

Yet these men get women all wrong, because they go about their transition rationally. They see a problem and, being competitive, look for a solution—a solution in drugs and surgery. But woman is a mirror: she reflects back what appears before her, it is how she sorts suitable mates from the weak. The mother reflects her little child: innocent trust and unconditional love. To become the mother is a desire to become a child again; these men lost their souls and then tried to engineer a new soul from woman.

Women have a dyadic nature—as with all symbolism—and you know these aspects well, so much as to be cliché. The first time I heard them said out loud was when a French exchange student at university said, in that way Frenchmen have: “All we want is the Madonna and the whore, no?” We all get the Madonna and the whore; and mature men recognise that all women are whores and Madonnas; only immature men think that women are unconditional Madonnas. No, women are whores: your mom was a whore, your dad was a motherfucker. A less common delusion is that women are just whores; no, it is a man’s job to turn the whore into a mother. Descend to Hell—the meretricious woman—to attain Heaven, marriage and children. This is transmutation, but if a man never acknowledges that his girlfriend is a whore, he will idealise his wife and think she is his mother.

Our societies had two polar positions of womanhood to serve as yardsticks: the nun and the whore. Neither really exists anymore, but both were holy. The nun married God and so preserved woman as the perfect mother figure, untainted as the Virgin Mary—always ready to care and nurture; she reflected God. The whore was totally debased—she reflected man’s pure sexual needs—but she provided married men with a place to dump their excess sexual energy, energy that would otherwise go into affairs that would ruin marriages. If you need soulless sex from a hardened pro, at the biological level, that is better than trading your soul for an affair with a friend’s wife. Hence bishops owned brothels, a fact progressive nitwits titter at now—except that it is consistent.

The French Communists, when they had post-war influence, closed the brothels; why? To destroy marriage, to make men have affairs and so break up the family and property. The left is always the enemy of the whore and the nun. Notice that the ambition is for all girls today to act like whores—but they cannot be called as such—the goal is a mediocre society where everyone is compromised, because nobody can be a real whore or a real Madonna—nor transmuted through marriage, since this institution has collapsed; you can only be an anaemic sex-positive feminist instead, without passion or purity.


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