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(19) Zirqa

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

By way of an addendum to my last article, my article on Hartsfell, I should note that after my visit there I stared at myself in a large hotel mirror and my eyes went black—black like a grey alien’s eyes—and then two circles formed in each eye, each a kaleidoscope that glittered and shimmered with many different colours; and glittered and shimmered in a way very much seen in the orbs or stars that I saw that night on Hartsfell. I found that I could lift these iridescent circles from my eyes—or one of them, anyway—and let them free-float in the world. In fact, three such circles formed—one for each eye and one for the third eye, and they exited my body as a triangle.

My interpretation as to these events is that my night at Hartsfell, since it is an ancient initiatic site, has opened my abilities on the astral plane—so that in some way I can move my astral body to be outside my physical body and do work for me in the world; naturally, to do so would require practice—and perhaps the criss-cross entities I saw that night at Hartsfell represented thousands of similar acts of astral travel, they are often triangular. As a teenager I said to a science-orientated friend, “I have a telescope, I appreciate the stars—just not scientifically, just artistically.”

Merlin, whose home was Hartsfell, was born with a demon for a father and a devout Christian for a mother; hence he was like Janus, he looked backwards (demonic gift) and forwards (divine gift) in time—he represented the interpenetration of opposites. To be born to a demon and a good woman might be seen as extreme—yet many of us are like that, at least in my experience. Poor Merlin was deceived by a woman and imprisoned for a long time—and it is time for him to wake up, and time for Arthur to wake up too.


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