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(183) Bílý kůň

I just revisited this statement, “I have another plan for you,” that I heard two years ago as I paced around in a circle, eyes to my feet, after eight hours of meditation each day for a month (not usually looking at my feet, in fact—that was exceptional). When I first mentioned it I said it was “quite external to me” yet I think, to be accurate, it was “within me” but “high up within me”—if you know what I mean. I think it’s important to be accurate about these things (as regards what comes from within me, from a higher part of me, and completely outside me). So I would classify this voice as being somewhere within my higher consciousness, though not in my usual internal monologue.

This is not the same as that night at the Rollright Stones when, to my left, at about the height of 7ft, I heard a distinct bellow (as if from a large anthropoid ox, as I imagine it—an invisible Minotaur, or similar, on the loose in rural Oxfordshire). That exhalation of breath was absolutely and certainly outside me, it was not an hallucination or another aspect in my consciousness—and it repeated intermittently throughout the night. The same goes for the hoofbeats that reverberated on my head throughout the night (but especially when I approached the lights at the end of the field). These were external phenomena that belonged to spiritual entities.

I think it’s important to keep these details accurate, I don’t want to fool myself into thinking I’m hearing “the voice of God” when it’s just my higher consciousness or conscience that has given me an instruction my mind is usually too fogged to hear. If there’s a voice from God, it would be like the breath of “the beast” or hoofbeats—i.e. it would literal and distinct, clearly external to me. It’s important to keep these things precise, as I broach the limits of sanity and the mundane world.

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