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(178) Zlatý věk

I watched a documentary about Millennial Woes and then glimpsed an interview with the guy who made the film—a YouTuber himself, not a professional outfit but well done. What struck me about him was that he was so young—in his mid-twenties—and also that he was so naïve about what humans are and also dishonest (though he doesn’t know it yet himself—and may never do, except time tends to disillusion you). He was bright, of course—but painfully inexperienced; and hence the way he explained what Woes was on about and his actions was just wrong—in truth, people rarely pay attention to what really motivates other people and that’s partly because they hide even their own intentions from themselves (if you don’t know yourself, you can’t know others).

I’m not that old, so doubtless I have more disillusionment to undergo—although I am pretty disillusioned and perhaps I have a boost from the wisdom literature I’ve imbibed, it’s pretty much compressed reality that I’ve swallowed down over the years. In the filmmaker’s case, it was remarkable how he kept certain ideas—right-wing ideas—from himself and how he constructed a narrative that Woes was some “sex predator” (it’s the opposite, of course—the guy is too nice and naïve about women and so of course he was accused of sexual assault; it’s the same with the male feminists—they’re innocent, but they’re accused because they’re too nice).

The video reinforced in my mind that what I must do I must do alone—save for the twelve Grail knights, should they present themselves. Most people are too wrapped up in their own egos to see reality, too vain and self-important (although actually Woes was originally charming because he was honest and candid, though he’s lost it with success—and was not quite honest enough; he also thinks people will reward you for that still—well they throw it in your face, so most people learn to play games). Single path.


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Some guy with no plan
Some guy with no plan
19 ene 2023

Liam Porter is a hapa. You can't trust those fuckers. I should know since I dated one. Lucky to still have my dick and not be in jail

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