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175. The taming power of the small (V)

What was the esoteric significance of 9/11? The answer can be found in the artwork beneath the original World Trade Center; in particular, the fountain arrangement by the Japanese architect Minoru Yamasaki was meant to replicate the Grand Mosque in Mecca, with the sculpture “The Sphere” in place of the Kaaba—the black cube that Muslims precess around on the Hajj. The symbolism of the WTC was, therefore, the victory of trade and commerce over the sacred—in particular, over the sacred in Islam. The black cube, in the occult sciences, is older than Islam—as is the Kaaba—and it represents the bridge between Heaven and Earth. C.G. Jung had a cube that represented Aion near a tower he constructed for his personal use for this reason.

The WTC was an attack on Islam and the sacred, probably mediated by Zionists who wished to strike at their Muslim enemy symbolically. In esoteric terms, 9/11 was motivated by a desire to remove a profane threat—a counter-initiation—to the centre of the Muslim religion. Mohamed Atta, one of the lead hijackers on 9/11, completed his PhD in Germany on urban planning, in particular the destruction of the Old City of Damascus in favour of modernist Western architecture. He undoubtedly grasped the esoteric significance of the WTC.

Over the past decade, the Middle East has been locked in a proxy war that has been fought in Yemen, Libya, Syria, and Iraq between the forces of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Iran—with the United States and Russia as backers to the various factions. These events represent actions in a wider spiritual struggle, a struggle that catalysed in its most recent form during the 9/11 attacks—an event now overshadowed by the age of Covid-19. Perhaps now would be a good time to consolidate and reflect on the past ten years in the region.

The situation stands as follows: Syria and Iran are united because, though nominally Muslim, they retain elements of the primordial, masculine and solar Indo-Aryan tradition, a tradition related to Hindooism—instantiated in the popular mystical poet Rumi. This tradition—found among the ruling Alawites in Syria, the Yazidi of Syria, and the Sufi mystical schools—stands opposed to the Saudi royal family, Zionism, and the United States; all of which represent iconoclastic, feminine, lunar, and materialist outlooks.

Osama bin Laden, although nominally aligned with dissident Saudi views, was born to a Syrian mother from Aleppo (a city with a large Alawite population) and raised in Yemen; he was inducted into the Sufi mystical schools—hence his selection of the WTC as a target, he understood its esoteric significance; and hence also the disjunction between his organisation, al-Qaeda, and the Islamic State. The Islamic State was a cat’s paw, supported for Machiavellian reasons by Israel, the United States, and Saudi Arabia to destroy Syria—a long-standing opponent of American-Israeli imperialism in the region—and Iran-friendly groups in Iraq.

Hence the Islamic State attacked two targets: the classical legacy in Syria, represented by Palmyra, and the Yazidi—an esoteric group of white-skinned Syrians who worship the serpent and the Peacock Angel, the Kundalini awakening of Hindooism. The classical legacy in Syria, just as in the West, is a threat to the materialist and iconoclastic hegemonic ideological groups in the West—hence the Islamic State targeted it for liquidation.

Further, Syria’s name can literally be translated as “land of the Sun”. In esotericism, Thule is the land of the Sun—the higher solar principle, the masculine principle. Now, Thule is not a geographical place, it is a manifestation of consciousness; but, in our world, Syria serves as the symbolic substitute for the spiritual place. Hence the destruction of Syria has been a priority for American-Israeli imperialism in recent years, it opposes any manifestation of the higher masculine principle. Russia backs the Iranian-Syrian axis because, under Putin, she has returned to a patriarchal and solar form of government—especially after certain oligarchical elements were removed from her financial sector.


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