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(175) Černá vdova

Man rarely says what he means; and it could be said that all conversations are carried out in code—and these codes have been documented in works like Berne’s Games People Play; and the same could be said about pick-up artists—for example, an employee, heavily caked in slap, approached me on the station this morning and said, “Are you okay?” (Metacommunication: “You’re desirable, look at me”). In fact, women speak almost entirely in code because they struggle with direct confrontation and so their statements have to be decoded—yet men are almost as bad.

If you unfold metacommunication completely it is as follows: men (“I want to kill you, I want to slit your throat”—and this is directed to all men, aside from in-group, race, or nation); women (“Are you a big murderer? If you are, I want you to impregnate me and bring me resources for our child.”). RD Laing summed it up as, “We’re all murderers and prostitutes,” and while I don’t quite agree with the criminal complexion he gives it I would agree that “we’re all killers and mother-slaves.”

This is what really lies behind all human communication—other men just want to kill you; however, for practical reasons, we have to band together into groups to kill other men—hence there is an illusion we don’t want to kill each other. The truth leaks in metacommunication, if you pay attention—and almost everything men say to each other is a dominance challenge. It took me years to realise this is so, possibly because I’m slightly autistic—people don’t speak to convey information, it’s all dominance challenge. When they say, “Nice jacket,” it’s a threat—you must riposte; and sometimes it’s much more aggressive than that. It’s why life is low-level stress—people are mystified by language or drugged by booze, vapes, and carbs to cope with it. If you look behind overt communication, untie the knots, man’s existence is pure bloodshed and insanity—that’s the cracked cryptogram.


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