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(173) Šedý

The only way to be fully honest—truthful, not necessarily to have the truth—is to speak poetically; hence, as an experiment, I may attempt to only communicate poetically for a month. To do so would require considerable discipline, but it is possible. This is not to say it would be anything fancy, but just to say, “I need to wet my whistle with some liquid ice,” when I want a glass of water—or, at minimum, to say “black rocket fuel” for coffee and the like. This is essentially to mythologise the word—or re-mythologise it.

Would people understand me? Most of the time I think they would, and somewhat better than if I were to be straightforward with them. The fact is that most people speak in code anyway—what they say is almost never what they mean, perhaps apart from some very basic “yes” and “no” points. This idea is connected to the notion that “the left can’t meme”—a meme is an image, and the image is how magic works. All left-wing movements are iconoclastic; from Mao to Cromwell, they smash the idols—and, in the process, destroy the magic. They’re atheists, all they have is commentary—the image transcends commentary. The Lollards, early English Protestants, were so hardcore they even wanted to pull down churches—a church is in the shape of the cross, it’s a superstition. In the end, they get rid of the final superstition—God.

Poetry creates images with words, being music really—all art aspires to music. Hence I suspect to live poetically would increase the amount of magic around me. It would be to mythologise the world. In the Golden Age, the whole world was poetic and speech was law—it was law because it was an image; if you spoke, with the correct rhythm, it was so. Today, people live like robots—everything is mundane, except perhaps for adverts; but an advert always serves a purpose—it is never just an image.


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