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168. Conflict (II)

Trump is an egotist, whereas Obama is a narcissist. This will surprise some people, because it is common to call Trump a narcissist. Trump is called a narcissist due to the collapse of virtue: today, there is only a psychological problem that needs treatment—punishment and repentance are superstitions that we have done away with. Nobody is “bad” anymore, but they can be pathological; and what Trump’s opponents mean by “narcissist” is really “wicked”.

A narcissist is an actor; he is empty inside—he is only his mask. A narcissist is not necessarily a selfish person; it is possible to be a narcissist devoted to service. What is characteristic of the narcissist is emptiness; they only have the act, whether good or bad. Their act serves to bind other people to them; perhaps you will never leave the narcissist because she is so nice to you, although you suspect, deep down, that her niceness is not sincere. The narcissist does not know who she is, she is alienated from her real thoughts and feelings: she is terrified that other people will leave her, so she maintains the act—of cruelty or kindness—so long as it keeps other people on the hook. If the act is found out, she flies into a rage; she fears the exposure of her emptiness.

Obama is a preacher; he fulfils the archetype of the wise old negro. He has spent his life playing a role to please white progressive liberals. Black nationalists who say that Obama is “not black” are correct; he has an act—his life is a progressive homily, interracial parents in Hawaii and all. Trump, by contrast, is an egotist: he knows exactly who is and makes no apologies for it—he’s Donald fucking Trump! This is arrogance; it is also a vice, but at least we know where we stand with Trump. He is the real America: money, burgers, hot babes—you made it, baby! The real deal—and fuck you if you don’t like it, you Limey asshole!

Trump is not trying to please anyone, as a narcissist would. Obama does nothing but try to please people. “He grew up in Indonesia, honey. They’re so much more spiritual over there; and they say the French love him, so cultured—so polite.” This is narcissism. It is an act, the act of the goody two-shoes. When Trump won, his opponents flew into a narcissistic rage and made up lies about Russia fixing the election. Trump’s supporters, when the election was genuinely stolen, reacted with autistic analysis and then the action of people who had genuinely been robbed: storming the Capitol—contrast this to the narcissistic exhibition of the “pussyhats” after Trump’s victory in 2016.

Narcissism is a female vice and it is the vice of our age because Western societies have become increasingly feminised. “What will it look like on his CV?”—a first step to narcissism. Social media makes everyone an actor, hoping to entrance an audience with stories about wealth or status or perhaps by being outrageous. We all know many people feel empty inside, just keeping up the act and hoping others people will not abandon them. “What if they find me out?”—the lurking fear of modern man, the doxx is the intrusion of reality behind the narcissistic mask. This is why social media stars often commit suicide when doxxed or caught out by a screenshot; they were only ever their act, if the act is destroyed they destroy their physical self too.

Egotism and narcissism have become conflated in everyday language and so most people use narcissism to mean self-centred behaviour, not the empty act. Men tend towards egotism—overconfidence and arrogance—and it is almost nonsensical to speak of an arrogant woman. It is the lesser vice: the asshole knows he is an asshole and makes no apologies—the narcissist is a cypher, an empty manipulator, an empty suit: you cannot hate them, because there is nothing there to hate.


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