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(157) Litaður

Revolutions occur when a population has experienced an increase in literacy—the tendency holds for the English, French, and Russian revolutions. This is not because people have “got wise” to the regime they live under—it’s because literacy and education detach them from traditional wisdom and the church, and they substitute the old verities for slick and smart information from journalists, teachers, and cheap media (hence the mob is formed, easily malleable by the mass persuasion industries—and eventually turned against, sections of it anyway, the old order).

Revolution and collapse are the same thing—the right’s collapse is the left’s revolution. A revolution occurs when an old structure has decayed—its desire, usually bureaucratic, to educate the population hastens its own destruction. There have been relatively peaceful revolutions; for example, Britain experienced a revolution in 1945 (the same year her empire finally collapsed) and since then Britain has been a total democracy that burns her capital (1945 was Year 1 of IngSoc). This is why, for example, mass immigration is axiomatic in Britain; it’s the regime’s view that all people in the world are the same, save mutable cultural differences, and it is desirable for them all to mix together. Everything about Britain that is “storybook”, say Sherlock Holmes, belongs to the ancien regime and is antique or only of historical value (to the surprise of some Japanese tourists).

America had a political revolution but she did not have a social revolution—colonial society was too rich and the social structure too flat to have one. However, she now has a closed frontier and a stratified racialised class system (race substitutes for class in America due to the original black-white dynamic and immigration). She also has mass-educated her population since the 1960s. Hence America is ready for a social revolution (and collapse)—the target, as is obvious, will be her “bourgeoisie” and “aristocrats”, the white population; they play the same role as the privileged bourgeoisie in Russia and the aristocrats in France.


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