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154 (confirmation)

Synchronicity: after I posted the last article, I walked to the station and I saw a large cross lit up in Christmas lights—but it wasn’t a conscious Christian display, it was totally secular; but it just so happened to form the cross, because the lights were arranged around the way the block of flats was built.

This confirms that my previous article is correct: America is the AntiChrist—the system of Judeo-Masonry is the AntiChrist; the Catholic Church is the AntiChrist; the Church of England is the AntiChrist; and so is, obviously, Israel. The AntiChrist system is built upon sodomy and usury.

For me the cross is more than about Christ, it is also the cross Orpheus was crucified upon—it is the Yggdrasil Odin was crucified upon for three days. It’s all those things for me—it’s also the four elements in magic.

America must fall, the AntiChrist must fall; the Catholic Church must fall, the AntiChrist must fall; the Church of England must fall, the AntiChrist must fall.


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