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The American right’s victory over Twitter also opens up the path to their defeat. For now, they can celebrate that they can operate on Twitter again and that their opponents—particularly journalists—now face suspensions and so experience the pain that comes about when social status is lost. However, the revelations about the way Twitter connived with the left—with the American state—to sabotage the elections will ultimately undermine the American system itself, the America that the right seeks to preserve. If this was what Twitter was doing, what about every other major technology company and what about the US state itself (if you thought Twitter was over-staffed before Musk took over, consider what the American state is like)?

It’s obvious that if all these blocks on the American right had been removed that there would have been a landslide for Trump—and if Twitter was up to various shenanigans, it follows that it’s very likely the actual electoral process was rigged as well. People are not so stupid: they can work all this out for themselves—and the cumulative effect will be to destroy trust in the US electoral system on the right. And, remember, there aren’t going to be prosecutions or special investigations into what happened—even the mainstream Republicans haven’t mobilised to do that.

So the revelations are another step towards civil war. At the moment, it’s a victory and it feels good—yet it also uncovers that the American system is rotten from stem to stern. The mainstream media crowed about how they “fortified” the election in the first place; well, now all doubt has been removed. The American system is rigged and the system always gets in. On the other side, Trump’s Supreme Court appointments managed to frustrate Roe vs. Wade—and that decision kicks away the system’s legitimacy on the left; it’s the right, being rule-followers, who dutifully sit and take decisions against them—the left won’t stand for it. Verdict: civil war on the horizon.


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Dec 25, 2022

If you visit the states and take a look at the physical condition of Americans you'll understand why there won't be a civil war.


Some guy with no plan
Some guy with no plan
Dec 24, 2022

Sounds good

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