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(14) Hamra

“Don’t go to university.” Better to say, “Don’t consume any mass media—especially journalism, even ‘conservative’ journalism (a contradiction in terms).” This is where the poison is. Yet those who offer the advice work in the media, and so give…bad advice. Yes, it’s technically true that almost everyone currently at university in the West shouldn’t be there—really, only 5% of the population is capable of a university-level education; and it’s even doubtful whether really serious people benefit from it, since even when universities were arranged in this way Schopenhauer observed that no valuable work was done in the universities.

People who say “don’t go to university”, right-wing talking heads, don’t do so from disinterested concern for other people. They want to sabotage other people who might attain a degree and the status that goes along with it and then threaten their status—their status being based upon fancy degrees. They’re also motivated by straightforward maliciousness: the actual advice people in need in life doesn’t come from media talking heads, so what they say, given they trade in envy, maliciously sabotages other people just for the sake of it.

They’ll never identity the real source of “woke indoctrination”—the media—because they work in and perpetuate that very system; they accept its premises. From my experience, people develop “woke” views long before university—and they develop those views through exposure to the media. Anyone I knew who went LGBT, for example, did so in the years before university—and it wasn’t taught at school, it was from the media. University is basically a meal ticket required to perform any middle-class job, so not to go is quite a handicap in a modern society—mostly it’s about drinking and screwing around; and, if anything, the intellectual environment is more diverse that whatever was picked up from the media from ages 2-17. So should you go to university? Ultimately, this a question only an individual, an individual who knows their own particular needs, can answer.


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