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(139) Ysgarlad

Men who tell you that the spiritual struggle is central are interested in shame and control—moralisation and fatuous prayers. The intention is to sit on their hands and do nothing—yet feel very smug and holy as they do nothing; and to accrue power through their “submission to Christ” or whatever variation they put on that. Yet men who talk about race, nation, and realism—in a way supposedly without sentiment—and who focus on the “remorseless Darwinian struggle, nature red in tooth and claw” just want to do bad things without consequences. The sides will ridicule each other; either as impractical liars seduced by foreign idols, or as race-idolators who will go straight to hell. Yet both constitute illusions in their own way.

You cannot separate race and spirituality into separate bins—since this is a theme today, the two interrelate and interpenetrate. Hence I have no interest in a political project to defend “white interests”—“white” itself, outside America, is a term that is far too tied up with a pure biological approach to the world, to a Darwinian idea around survival and quantity; and yet I do not dispute that race and nation have reality.

The answer is to think in negative terms: it is my desire to see those themes that are Satanic removed from influence in the West, and it is my desire to see those (implicit) policies that seek to eliminate the European peoples, in their homelands as delineated by history, set aside. People always start with positive projects: “ethnostates”, “Christian revival”—how do you achieve these positive projects that have a utopian edge? Just remove the negative—remove Satanic imagery and influence, remove anti-European propaganda; remove abortion, divorce, pornography (restrictions on the father, basically). “You need to be broken on your knees before Christ…” No—that is your ego talking, you will do nothing. “You need to assert your race and nation…” No—that is your ego talking, you will do nothing. Remove the negative.


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Some guy with no plan
Some guy with no plan

Reminds me of the blog

He is also English and has been essentially writing the same 5 articles for years now. Maybe you can help each other

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