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(138) Gwyn wy

Technology is inherently feminine—you can tell because men give their cars female names (or used to, anyway). Technology is like a woman, it seduces a man—actual women are widowed to the husband hunched over his computer console (“One more minute, honey…”)—and like a woman it is totally protean and dynamic; technology is pure becoming. It’s actually an inversion of Sophia, of wisdom—it’s false material wisdom that supposedly grants you the key to existence but solves no substantial questions. At the end, you can go round the world in half an hour but you have no idea why and nothing means anything.

The technological society worships the feminine—it is acquisitive and manipulative, just like a woman. Indeed, its very power rests on the way it quantifies everything—if it can’t be quantified, it doesn’t exist. As with a woman, technology is narcissistic—man worships his own image in his skyscrapers and aeroplanes. Yet he has only dealt with perennial nature, cyclical like a woman (carbon cycles, cybernetic cycles, menstrual cycles)—he has concealed the eternal; he has concealed Being.

Hence the technological society worships women, homosexuals, Jews, blacks, and any group that is “like women” (ethnic minorities, victims, cripples). It is based on fear, fear of death; and that goes right back to Hobbes, the original cybernetician, whose “emergent order man” is depicted above. For atheistic Hobbes, founder of modern psychology, death was the worst thing that could happen to you—the priority was to prevent death. Ironically, the man who spoke about life as “nasty, brutish, and short” founded “health and safety world”—a society where the prevention of death, your one life to live, is imperative. Transgenderism is synonymous with techno-science—that’s why Tom Clancy’s techno-thrillers are quasi-trans and why the most robotic coffee shop, Starbucks, where the staff ask your name even if they know it (keep to the script), loves the trans cause. The ultimate goal in a technological society is to become a woman.


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