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(133) Cochddu

A secondary outcome from my quest to restore the Roundtable will be that a Grail cult will emerge in Europe and North America. The profane would think that to re-establish a Grail cult—to restore European masculinity through the knights of the Roundtable—would require conscious propaganda; and so they would hire video designers and make slick quick-clip videos in neon with attractive “Guineveres” and a hyped soundtrack; they would go down the Generation Identity route—corporate-style logos and high production values. To work in such a way might garner ten or twelve thousand adherents—yet it would be like people who do Taekwondo for three or four years and then move on. “Oh yeah, I did that Grail thing in my early twenties…”

That will be what will happen to Generation Identity and organisations like that. There will be a superficial slick appeal, yet it will fade away—the same for contrived Catholic youth movements and so on. The media event will move on. What will emerge as a derivative from what I do here will be a much slower burn but will last for centuries. It will last precisely because it will not be a cult where people dress up as Templars and lie in mirrored rooms hidden under French chateaus or carry out photogenic banner drops about “the Great Replacement”.

The Grail quest is totally elitist, since there can only be twelve knights, led by Arthur, plus Merlin (with an empty seat, the thirteenth “Siege Perilous”, for he who would find the Grail). Yet as it attains esoteric perfection, the effects from this Grail quest on the real world will become tangible—the effects will be magical, not rational. The Grail cult will emerge in Europe, under the black banner, with the Roundtable knights as an ideal—not attainable for all but an ideal—for European men. Remember, the Grail is not only an instrument of perfect justice—it is an instrument of rejuvenation; of European rebirth, the second renaissance.


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